About Me


My name is Tanner Doshier, but I usually go by the pseudonym “doshitan” online.

I’m a GNU/Linux, GNOME, and free software enthusiast with a love of physics. I’m interested in functional programming in general and Haskell in particular.

I have a BS in Computer Engineering (minors in Math and Physics).

Currently enginerding at Nava PBC. Formerly with Article One Technologies, the OpenGov Foundation, and various other places.

If you want to get in touch, email is your best bet: hi@<my domain>.

GPG keyFor conversations and file transfers, you probably don’t want to use this, but might be useful for a cold contact to get in touch so we can exchange Signal numbers to figure everything else out.

: 9963 DB09 FD2A 2622 CC46 FF03 2016 0260 F4C1 8825

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