GSoC 2012: Report 4

  • ~1 min read

This report covers the fourth two week block of coding time, July 2 – July 15. During that time, mid-term evaluations occurred and I’m happy to report I passed.

Week 7

Added a function in iconGrid.js to explicitly update its values from CSS to work around the issue mentioned last time. Call it before we do calculations in searchDisplay.js and it reports the right number from the beginning. Consequently, the ‘more’ icon works correctly now.

Week 8

Started implementing app-drag-{begin,cancelled,end} signals for app launchers so we can differentiate them from the item-drag-* signals, which they are currently lumped in with. This is necessary since we want to treat app launchers differently than other items sometimes. For example, we want to reveal the dash while searching only if an app launcher is dragged. See the design page for more info.

Looking Forward

I need to give the same treatment to the workspace thumnails as I am the dash. This means splitting some things up since the thumbnails are currently tied to the window previews (they are in the same layer). My goal is to have three top level areas, in order: dash, content, workspace thumbnails. The dash and workspace thumbnails are independent elements that are controlled as such and in the middle is where we draw all the other stuff. But, having the workspace thumbnails independent may not leave much room in the middle of the screen for the search results/app drawer if the thumbnails space is always allocated and it is just visually hidden. May have to experiment a bit here.